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There are instances of marquis DJ's like Paul Van Dyk referring to "electronic dance music" as early as 2003. Of course today, EDM ( Electronic Dance Music ) is primarily a way for the recent phenomenon to be packaged up for public media, where artists like Skrillex, Pretty Lights, and Armin Van Buren are thrown together despire the fact that the music they play is very different. For the purpose of this research EDM refers to culture and community, as well as the related music, both genres and sub-genre's.

While EDM's current presence on the charts today is arguably one of the strongest in terms of volume and sustainability, it is also part of a cycle dating back several decades. Freestyle music like Stevie B and Expose in the mid-late 80's charted on both the Dance and Hot 100 charts.

"Probably not since the Disco Era have we seen this level of sustainability for dance music on the charts. Similarly to Disco, EDM is more than a Genre, it is a cultural movement incorporating elements of fashion, attitude, and more" - Silvio Pietroluongo: Director of charts for Billboard Magazine"

 Today, Electronic Dance Music shows give fans music and visuals on steroids, a real life video game. this music also has a tension and release in the arrangements that is extremely appealing for bringing people together.

There is a big difference between developing a cool concept versus filling a consumer need or market demand. The personal connection present with Electronic World Carnival and the market cannot be displayed with a simple algorithm. There is a confidence and assurance that comes with the know-how of Philip Coultrip in the industry. Electric World Carnival is a prayer answered for fans of all kinds. Our vision is a festival for bringing the world together in peace with electronic dance music and love for each other.

Going into this industry with a fresh mindset. no emulation of other events such as Electric Daisy Carnival and Tomorrowland is taking place. We have the strategy to make this event possible and successful.



A young CEO in the making traveling the states producing over 5,000 concerts in 26 different states  led him to experience the concert and festival circuit, and slowly see the inside of the industry. shortly after performing with his own band, at a Bob Seger show, Philip got up the guts  to walk up and ask Seger for advice.  After this, Philip booked at a brand new performing arts center, with The Bob Seger System, BadFinger, and Ted Nugent. All of this was done when he was only 15.  In 1980, He began his uphill victory of putting together concerts and festivals for over millions of people. Nowadays you can credit him for both the Iowa State Fair and Indiana State Fair, both achieving massive success. With over 38 years of experience in the industry and multiple letters of recommendation from companies like General Electrics and Pella Corporation.




The opportunity to create experiences through brands is something that has excited us as a company, and has inspired us to further explore Electric World Carnival and it's competitors

in 2015 Festivals are one of the most profitable and luxurious experiences for fans of all kinds


"I'm very, very passionate about it," Coultrip says. "It's my heart and soul. It's what I eat, live, and
breathe. Probably one of the most rewarding things now is to see this dream come alive"

Services like Electric World Carnival make the case for paralleled opportunities for presenting other destinations. The need for larger scale venues has exposed itself as a neccessity. The booming in America, while not the first country to be under a "EDM spell" has taken off with no end in sight. Our plans are to have the biggest possiblities for venues. We are going to provide a place to rest while exhausted from the festival days and experiences. You have to sleep eventually, and with our strategy of keeping it all in house let's us keep our attendee's and turn a simple weekend into a vacation of a lifetime.

Technology is coded into the music's DNA and those that embrace and seek this music as a mainstay of their daily life. Although the financial barrier to entry has been removed from making the music, the passion for technology continues on with the recent wave of teenage producer phenoms. These young and old producers not only have the tricks of the trade, but also an ability to keep an audience happy through social media. This allows us to have their fans become our fans, Which in conclusion is why we're happy to announce the premiere festival and lifestyle of Electric World Carnival.